Allright, the site made it a week and it’s still working! Mostly! Today’s comic was a collaboration with a friend who goes by Dontdowdit around the internet water coolers. After a little editing of the original concept, I’m proud to show you all our interpretation of vestigial arm humor. I’ve given it what I think is a unique spin; hopefully my reach hasn’t exceeded my grasp on this one.

Now that the site is launched, I’ve been getting a lot of common questions. What is this? Why do you keep showing it to me? How did you get into my house? You know, the usual sort of stuff. I’ll be collecting those questions and putting them into a FAQ section once the dust has had more time to settle. Until then, if you’re still confused in the interim then I suggest just going with the flow. If it worked out for those anthropomorphic turtles in Finding Nemo I don’t see why the same principles can’t be applied to us humans.