My parents visited last weekend, and one of the activities we all participated in together was a two and a half hour vacation slideshow from their trip to the Balkans. If that sounds like a less than ideal situation, let me assure you that based on my first hand experiences it wouldn’t have hurt to have the ability to control time portals. I didn’t even know the ritual of the slide show was still a practiced tradition, I always assumed it was just a trope caricature of the 20th century. Something we can joke about and assume is no longer in vogue, like a LaserDisc player or fondue parties.

I console myself with the fact this ritual is most likely gasping fleeting breaths as the baby boomer generation carries it to its final resting place. Hopefully all it needs is another generation before it goes the way of the dinosaurs. Barring interdimensional time travel or children of the digital age mutating it to its next evolutionary form of course.