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For those that didn't already know, Judge Dredd is heading to TV in 2018 which is an exciting prospect. It remains to be seen whether or not they can scoop up Karl Urban to reprise the role after his outing as the title character, but I remain cautiously optimistic. Sure his career is certainly busy at the moment, but I mean come on, he had time to star in that Fox buddy cop show Almost Human (which was cancelled before it's time, thanks Fox execs).

The Dredd property certainly has a rich run of material to draw from, and where the dimensionality of the character itself doesn't really expand, the world he inhabits and the cast around him are allowed to flourish. One of the major selling points of the old comic books was that there was no story too outlandish to tell, virtually anything could exist in that world. With millions of inhabitants in Mega City One, each with their own story, there's little to no danger of the well ever running dry.

The 2017 movie Wonder Woman is a truly incredible and uplifting work, if you haven't gotten the chance to see it yet I encourage you to seize the big screen viewing experience while you still can. My praise of this film does not extend to the rest of the DC Snyder-verse films, so I consider it a double triumph that the movie has constructed itself within the restrictions of that cinematic vision while staying so true to the core of what makes Wonder Woman so...wonderful.

Dino Timecop Force now has an Instagram account (dinotimecopforce). I've been repeatedly told that's where all the peeps are at these days. Originally, I was considering using it primarily to share concept artwork or traditional media pieces related to the strip, but since it's such a compelling visual platform I may see if I can also push the whole comic there on Wednesdays as well. Like so many things with this strip the details are in flux so if you're reading this at the time of release, consider yourself on the ground floor!

Sometimes it's hard to be true to yourself and part of a team, it's too bad Carl doesn't have more confidence in his unique abilities and offerings.

I've updated the formatting on the strip to make it cleaner and easier to read, there may be some additional fine tuning but hopefully this is a better viewing experience across all platforms. I've also taken the liberty of adding word bubbles, since Clip Studio Paint is built to specifically handle that sort of thing. I am by no means a professional letterer or even a competent letterer, but I've selected a new font that should be a little easier on the eyes. No doubt it's prolific across a multitude of webcomics out there so I'm revolutionizing the wheel here, but as they say, whatever gets the job done.

Dino Timecop Force has an Instagram account! If that's your jam, feel free to follow along with Dinotimecopforce as I post sketches and concept art for the strip.

I wanted to save this comic for talk like a pirate day, but it's so far away that I just couldn't wait. Who knows, perhaps this isn't the last we've seen of old Blackbeard.

An exciting announcement! The Hart Wood And Leather Etsy Store will be stocking Dino Timecop Merchandise when it is available. To that end, I've created a new Shop page on the site to link directly to the Etsy storefront and showcase those most tantalizing of wares. The inaugural offering is something that I'm quite proud of, an all original metal die stamped pin! Head on over and grab yours today!