Sometimes it’s hard to be true to yourself and part of a team, it’s too bad Carl doesn’t have more confidence in his unique abilities and offerings.

I’ve updated the formatting on the strip to make it cleaner and easier to read, there may be some additional fine tuning but hopefully this is a better viewing experience across all platforms. I’ve also taken the liberty of adding word bubbles, since Clip Studio Paint is built to specifically handle that sort of thing. I am by no means a professional letterer or even a competent letterer, but I’ve selected a new font that should be a little easier on the eyes. No doubt it’s prolific across a multitude of webcomics out there so I’m revolutionizing the wheel here, but as they say, whatever gets the job done.

Dino Timecop Force has an Instagram account! If that’s your jam, feel free to follow along with Dinotimecopforce as I post sketches and concept art for the strip.