The 2017 movie Wonder Woman is a truly incredible and uplifting work, if you haven’t gotten the chance to see it yet I encourage you to seize the big screen viewing experience while you still can. My praise of this film does not extend to the rest of the DC Snyder-verse films, so I consider it a double triumph that the movie has constructed itself within the restrictions of that cinematic vision while staying so true to the core of what makes Wonder Woman so…wonderful.

Dino Timecop Force now has an Instagram account (dinotimecopforce). I’ve been repeatedly told that’s where all the peeps are at these days. Originally, I was considering using it primarily to share concept artwork or traditional media pieces related to the strip, but since it’s such a compelling visual platform I may see if I can also push the whole comic there on Wednesdays as well. Like so many things with this strip the details are in flux so if you’re reading this at the time of release, consider yourself on the ground floor!