For those that didn’t already know, Judge Dredd is heading to TV in 2018 which is an exciting prospect. It remains to be seen whether or not they can scoop up Karl Urban to reprise the role after his outing as the title character, but I remain cautiously optimistic. Sure his career is certainly busy at the moment, but I mean come on, he had time to star in that Fox buddy cop show Almost Human (which was cancelled before it’s time, thanks Fox execs).

The Dredd property certainly has a rich run of material to draw from, and where the dimensionality of the character itself doesn’t really expand, the world he inhabits and the cast around him are allowed to flourish. One of the major selling points of the old comic books was that there was no story too outlandish to tell, virtually anything could exist in that world. With millions of inhabitants in Mega City One, each with their own story, there’s little to no danger of the well ever running dry.