It’s true, we each have our own preferred ways of…doing things. While the science doesn’t really confirm the dilophosaurus’ neck frills or venomous spit, I think we can all agree that it’s more awesome to just go with the flow in this case. I mean, if we were to believe everything these lab coat wearing nerds said, all dinosaurs would have feathered exteriors. Personally, having grown up with the leathery green-skinned interpretations I’m willing to keep living the sweet lie that Crichton/Speilberg setup and helped perpetuate.

I am very excited to announce that I will be participating in a live digital art Let’s Draw panel at Pax West 2017 hosted by Pinny Pals After Dark! The final schedule hasn’t been published yet, but (pending schedule availability) I’ll be joined by other talented digital artists such as Chelsea Austin (thefawnn), Amy Falcone (The C-Team, Clique Refresh), and Kris Straub (The C-Team, Chainsawsuit). I’m definitely a humble traveler in the company of giants here and could not be more thrilled. I’ll post more details as the event gets closer and the schedule gets finalized, but in case you didn’t have a reason to attend Pax West this year, well here you go!

Here’s a link to the Penny Arcade Forums thread with the tentative schedule information

And here is some additional link information on the other artists included on the panel. Check them out and be thoroughly impressed!

thefawnn –

Amy Falcone –

Kris Straub –