We can argue the finer points until we’re blue in the face, but the cold truth is that these lizards close cases. This may be a situation where one doesn’t necessarily want to see where the proverbial sausage is made; but I suppose one might be inclined to go down that rabbit hole if the bill for said sausage was 1.3 million to repave public streets.

I added some shading to this week’s strip, and you may be asking yourself “hey, why don’t you shade every strip!”. The short answer is that I’m not particularly good at it and it takes longer. In the time it took me to shade this strip, I (feel) like I could have drawn another whole strip. Still, it helps to add dimension and I see a lot of my favorite illustrators being less lazy than me with their work all the time, so I’m going to try to take it that extra step whenever possible. Just don’t start asking for color.