Some believe that adversity breeds excellence, but I don’t think this scenario is quite what they have in mind when using that phrase. One would assume that cops tasked with maintaining law and order in space and time would be responsible for ducks as well, but clearly Rex has differing opinions on the matter.

I’m going to be doing something pretty special next week; I will be releasing not one but THREE new comics M/W/F. These comics focus on a character we haven’t seen in awhile, Frank the stegosaurus. For those of you who don’t quite remember him or his contentious relationship with Rex, you can brush up on Dino Timecop Force’s rich 5 month history here.

In addition to a week of comics focused on this character, I am very excited to be able to showcase the work of some of my very talented artist friends. That’s right, not one but two of next week’s comics will be guest strips, and we can see how other artists interpret these lizards who walk the thin blue line. Be sure to like and follow on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to catch all of the latest comic updates!