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The Ice Age Cometh

Today is a guest strip from an old friend who goes by grandoldaubrie. I've known Aubrie since we were in college, and even then she had a remarkable artistic style with painting, especially in traditional mediums. This strip captures some of that magic with digital tools, and I regret to inform you that you'll have to return to my lackluster illustrations next week.

When we talked about making a strip about Frank, Aubrie was very keen on adapting a noir storytelling feel and I think she's captured that with her beautifully crafted dialogue and visually interesting framing. The character concept of Frank is that he's a tough as nails detective with a tragic past, often acting as a foil to the other members of the DTF. His sorrow is usually below the surface, but he ends up frequently as the butt of the strip's joke. That's ok, he can take it - Frank is no stranger to pain and hardship.

There's one more guest strip this week before returning to the regular weekly update schedule, but I have a lot of artistic friends and it's possible we'll see another round of guests in the not too distant future...