Manners are always important, whether you’re in the locker room or not. Hope everyone had a relaxing holiday weekend this Labor Day; the panel I was a part of on Friday at PAX West went better than I could have hoped. The panel Hosts kept the audience engaged and firing drawing prompts, and the artists all seemed to have a blast with an evening of just doodling for fun. The people I talked to over the weekend who had been able to catch the panel all said it was enjoyable, and I’m very happy that this type of improv art seems to be accepted.

If you weren’t able to catch the panel on Friday or didn’t attend PAX West this year, we will (hopefully) have a video of the panel up in the near future. Pray to the audio AND visual gods that everything was recorded correctly. If that’s something that might interest you, feel free to follow @PP_AfterDark or @Dino_Timecop on Twitter or any other social media for updates on that release.