A good homemade ice cream really is a different beast than most generic brands from the grocery store. The secret is that homemade ice cream retains a greater volume of cream to air ratio when it’s mixed, the typical brands on the shelves fluff in air. Without the airy filler you’re left with a rich creamier dessert which may be frowned upon if you’re on a diet, but I won’t tell if you don’t.

October is #Inktober month, and I am attempting the challenge this year using a variety of traditional mediums. I’m trying to experiment with new tools and try some different styles, so if you want to see some (mostly) dinosaur-free content please follow me on social media. I was originally just going to post on Instagram, but I’ve decided to just update all platforms. It’s an international event, so the internet can just deal with a little bit of art spamming for the next 27 days.