I am not an expert on Curling, but I do enjoy watching it whenever I happen to be able to. It’s one of those sports that’s buried so far down into the premium cable channel options, that I’m not even sure what I’d have to ask for in order to get it. I’m sure it’s part of some bundle package that’s worth an arm and a leg, so I’ve resigned to make due without watching curling, just like I have come to terms with not watching Archery during the summer Olympics.

Speaking of cable companies and service providers, Net Neutrality is still under attack and the upcoming vote to dismantle it is coming up this December 14th. If you like the way that the internet currently works and want to keep it that way, make your voice heard! I could write more on the subject, but here’s a link to a Lifehacker article detailing how to get involved (why re-invent the wheel, right? Plus who doesn’t love a good hyperlink).