If I’m being honest, I’m actually not great with colors and color theory. I should probably devote some more thought energy to that subject some day, but in the meantime the comic will have to remain with a palette of 5 shades.

You may be wondering “how can a dinosaur without claws wearing a helmet use wire cutters?”. I did consider that briefly, but then decided that it’s more humorous if the reader solves that particular logistics issue themselves. Rex and Ramirez are always holding things in their claws anyways, and I’m pretty sure dinosaurs couldn’t do that. Imagine if they could wield machine guns and were alive today? We should be thanking our lucky stars for that extinction level event millions of years ago every chance we get.

I will be attending the Geek the Halls 2017 craft fair this upcoming weekend at the Hart Wood & Leather table. If you’re still looking for last minute holiday gifts and are in the Portland area, stop on by! We’ll have mostly leather goods and wood crafts, but I’ll bring some DTF swag and probably discount the DTF Badge pins at the show.

Geek the Halls 2017