Hope everyone had a safe and fun Christmas (if that’s your thing). I certainly enjoyed the down time and opportunity to spend some time with the family. My favorite presents given include a record player with receiver and speakers, The Oregon Trail board game (relive the frustration of the classic computer game but with cardboard!), and some artisan Oregon jams. My favorite presents received include the Lego Saturn V Rocket set, the Star Wars Invent a Droid kit from LittleBits, and some gourmet cocoa (you don’t think cocoa can be gourmet until you have the good stuff).

Truth be told, the Droid kit’s target demographic skews on the younger side, but it was a fun build to put together with my dad. Call us both young at heart. It’s pretty satisfying to play the R2-D2 sound effects from the phone app, although the only one I really need is that hilarious wacky scream.

I also played the boardgame Dixit with some visiting family who hadn’t played it before and it went over well. It’s one of those fun casual games that generates conversation, and the illustrated cards (oil paintings?) are great. I highly recommend it if you’re in the market for a good family game or an easy social game.

I guess we’re in countdown mode for 2018 now, huh? The next DTF comic will be a 2018 comic! Technically the series isn’t celebrating it’s first full year until April, but it still feels like a significant milestone. See you all on the other side!