Happy new year everyone! I know I already mentioned that this isn’t an anniversary for the comic, but it does feel good to be able to roll over that date stamp on the strips. I already feel more accomplished in 2018!

I have a lot of these niche specific strips that get mulled over and refined, and ultimately scrapped or send into purgatory. The main issues are always that the entire premise for the comic requires a base understanding of the material being referenced and the subjects prove to be, shall we say, too obscure when tested with my immediate audience. A lot of the times I’ll yield to general consensus, but there are a few that I have queued up like this one that I personally enjoy too much to not release.

I know Bladerunner 2049 had mixed reviews, but I still recommend it if you’re on the fence. There’s definitely a distinct style to that world and storytelling, so if you go into the experience having made peace with that I think you’ll find a lot to like.

I will be at Pax South 2018 in just a few weeks. It should be a fun trip, if you’re heading there as well and want to know what I’m up to feel free to follow me on Twitter @dino_timecop.