I’m using the Clip Studio Paint iOS app more in 2018 to help speed up my general workflow. Previously, I had been doing all the inking and coloring in Procreate on the iPad, then exporting to Clip Studio on the desktop and just using it for text, word bubbles, and any additional edits. I love the ease and flexibility of Procreate on a mobile tablet, but quite frankly it just falls a little short when it comes to its selection tools and layer options. Moving to procreate on the iPad is a nice compromise for my workflow, since now I can do almost all of the work on that device and then save it to the cloud. Unless I invest in a more extensive desktop system or Procreate implements some additional features this year, I’ll probably (reluctantly) start paying the monthly fee to continue to use the app.

I’ll be at PAX South this weekend! If anything noteworthy happens, I’ll post it on social media.