For those that don’t remember (or perhaps chose to forget), the Extendo-Gauntlet was created back in October 2017. Since then I’ve seen a lot of media dedicated to the topic of laughing at t-rex’s tiny appendages, so if we’re going to continue as a society to suck the marrow from this undying joke, who am I to buck the trend?

Consulting the calendar, it looks like Valentine’s day is next Wednesday. If you’ve decided to rebel against this artificial consumerist celebration of “love” and not observe that holiday, then good for you! If candy hearts, and impressive floral arrangements, and fabulous gifts are more your style, then depending on when you read this there’s still plenty of time to make that happen! Even if you don’t have a special someone in your life at the moment, you can always treat yo’ self. Personally, I’m going to compromise somewhere in the middle of both options by ordering takeout and watching a movie.