I’ve discussed before how I decided to forge ahead with the “classic” dinosaur look for these cartoons, despite scientific evidence in recent years that certain species of dinosaurs may in fact have had coats of some type of feathers. Truth be told I admire the work that paleontologists do but I grew up with Steven Spielberg’s dinosaur movie magic, so I’m willing to bend science for the sake of my silly comic.

And then it dawned on me that my silly comic was about time travel, which is basically the lazy man’s monkey paw to explain any storytelling plot point. Could it really be that simple? Does there exist a way to have one’s cake AND eat it too? I’m sure a physicist could give me an overly complicated and impressive answer to that question,  so while we all wait for someone who needs their ego stroked a little to brain-‘splain it to us in excruciating detail, enjoy my versions of the feathered varietal of dino.