When in doubt I suppose releasing the tigers is always an option. At least it should be.

Dino Timecop Force turns one year old at the end of April! How time flies. Another fun fact is that next week will the be release of the 50th comic, not including guest strips. As someone reflecting on drawing a doodle of a vaguely looking t-rex onto a napkin at the beginning of 2017, I have to say I feel somewhat accomplished. Follow me on social media if you aren’t already, I’ll have some special giveaways coming up to celebrate the annual milestone.

Regarding the bonus panel below – it’s some extra content here on the main website to give a little incentive for viewers to visit. Previously I’ve been linking to the comic on Twitter and Facebook with a teaser image, but thinking about it and getting some opinions from other creators I’ve decided to just post the whole comic on those platforms. In the end it seemed an unnecessary bar for entry when the goal has always been get the comic in front of as many interested eyes as possible.

And yes, I understand that the concept of the vometorium as a living space in Rome to purge one’s meal so you could continue to eat is a myth. I’ve also drawn 50 comics with featherless dinosaurs, put away the torches and pitchforks.