You know, it’s a real shame it doesn’t work that way. Although, since time travel is still just theoretical we can always hold out hope.

I saw the new Tomb Raider movie this weekend. It was ok. Without going into spoiler territory, I can honestly say that it’s better than it’s predecessors. There’s a lot to like, the style stays very close to the 2013 video game reboot (the story is also inspired by said game, although it does diverges), Alicia Vikander is a badass, and the action sequences are fun. I felt the movie fell a little flat in terms of narrative focus, developing secondary characters and relationships, and a heavy hand for franchise building.

Bottom line – it’s probably worth seeing if you’re in the market for an action movie. It retains all of the aesthetics of the video game, but diverges from the video game’s stronger story. And yes, they are different storytelling platforms so it’s not an apples to apples comparison.