Time really does fly doesn’t it. It’s May already? Honestly, I still can’t believe we’re past the one year anniversary of the comic.

I saw Infinity War this weekend, and it was ok. The character dynamics kind of reminded me of the fourth and fifth episodes of The Defenders series where all the protagonists get to meet. Yep, that was definitely the high point of that series, before it started to take a swan dive. As far as blockbusters go, it’s definitely a spectacle worth seeing, especially if you’ve invested any time into the Marvel movies these past ten years.

Also, did you know that there’s an hour long parody film of Jurassic Park with Pickles called Vulassic Park? It looks absolutely awful, but for some reason I enjoy that it exists. I am also criminally behind on that 100 day project challenge, but if you want to continue to see me attempt to draw 100 dinosaur sketches this year head on over to dinotimecopforce on Instagram.