Facts and Opinions

Dino Timecop Force is an irreverent webcomic about a group of dinosaurs who police time. And probably space, I think those two things are interconnected. New comics released Wednesdays!


Frequently Asked Questions (and some frequent answers)

Q: Why isn’t your comic very funny?

A: Humor is subjective, I’m sure there’s something else out there that will meet your exacting hilarity standards. That said, it’s not really accepted social etiquette to ask someone that question. You know how people don’t ask you why you aren’t more attractive or intelligent on a daily basis? It’s because they have class.


Q: What are you using to draw your comic?

A: I am doing most of the work on a 12.9 iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil, and then final editing and text on Clip Studio Paint.


Q: How do you feel about the possibility of quantum entanglement as an explanation of time travel rather than a branching multiverse solution to resolve the ensuing paradoxes created?

A: Um…yes?


Q: Can you draw better?

A: I mean, probably.


Q: Will you draw better?

A: No.


Q: Will you draw me a dinosaur?

A: Will you draw me a robot?


Q: Can I find you at any conventions?

A: Currently, not in an official capacity but I do like to attend fun conventions whenever I can. Follow me on Twitter @Dino_Timecop to see what I might be up to!


Q: Are you aware that the abbreviation for Dino Timecop Force is DTF?

A: Jokes are funny, aren’t they?