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I managed to get back into my ipad, which was an overall win. As a result, you'll all have to suffer through some existing content before I head into new formatting frontier. Real cutting edge stuff, and I'm going to be honest with you some of it is straight up arthouse experimental. Rest assured that at its core, the comic will always be about haphazard policework and questionable accountability.

I also have a pretty neat announcement coming soon, but for now I can only tease it. Trust me when I say that June is going to be off the hook!

I don't know how, but I managed to lock myself out of my iPad. The worst case scenario is that I have to do a full reset to get back into it, which means losing some of the comic assets. I know, what about the cloud backups right? Hindsight is always a great thing.

This actually isn't that devastating a blow, I needed to rework some of the comic templates anyways. I'd like to up the frame ratios to allow more room for text, and I need to play with the resolution to make sure the viewing experience is enjoyable on most platforms. The bottom line is expect some style fluctuations for a bit while the kinks get worked out in the next week.

My parents visited last weekend, and one of the activities we all participated in together was a two and a half hour vacation slideshow from their trip to the Balkans. If that sounds like a less than ideal situation, let me assure you that based on my first hand experiences it wouldn't have hurt to have the ability to control time portals. I didn’t even know the ritual of the slide show was still a practiced tradition, I always assumed it was just a trope caricature of the 20th century. Something we can joke about and assume is no longer in vogue, like a LaserDisc player or fondue parties.

I console myself with the fact this ritual is most likely gasping fleeting breaths as the baby boomer generation carries it to its final resting place. Hopefully all it needs is another generation before it goes the way of the dinosaurs. Barring interdimensional time travel or children of the digital age mutating it to its next evolutionary form of course.

I'm sure that somewhere, in an old office building that hasn't been renovated up to modern earthquake structural codes, there is a sad collective of office drones still celebrating their co-workers with cake. Is yellow cake even still a thing? It must be, though how we ever settled on antiqating a color with a flavor is beyond me. Needless to say, in this marvelous age of on demand service a certain caliber of confectionary treat is required to tip the effort/reward ratio into action, and I don't think I'm alone in applauding anyone who chooses the road of deliciously frozen indulgence.

I've updated the 'About' section with a FAQ; for those that are still baffled by the core concept of this web comic series or simply wish to lavish unrelenting praise upon the author, feel free to let me know on social media or the contact email.

Allright, the site made it a week and it's still working! Mostly! Today's comic was a collaboration with a friend who goes by Dontdowdit around the internet water coolers. After a little editing of the original concept, I'm proud to show you all our interpretation of vestigial arm humor. I've given it what I think is a unique spin; hopefully my reach hasn't exceeded my grasp on this one.

Now that the site is launched, I've been getting a lot of common questions. What is this? Why do you keep showing it to me? How did you get into my house? You know, the usual sort of stuff. I'll be collecting those questions and putting them into a FAQ section once the dust has had more time to settle. Until then, if you're still confused in the interim then I suggest just going with the flow. If it worked out for those anthropomorphic turtles in Finding Nemo I don't see why the same principles can't be applied to us humans.