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I imagine that a dimensional whale would be as beautiful as it is deadly. Melville wrote that you can't take revenge out on nature, but after this adventure these lizards would probably take exception to that position. I hope you enjoyed this week's longer story arc narrative. It was fun to do, and I hope to continue to experiment with the format again. Next week returns to the Wednesday release schedule, follow me on social media to stay updated on new releases.

October is Inktober, the month long art challenge where you draw an ink picture a day. I am attempting to take part in it this year, and will be posting my daily ink drawing on Instagram. They may not all be related to the comic, but if you want to follow along then look for me on that platform.

When I think of the implications of pirates with access to time traveling technology, my initial thoughts are: rocket powered schooner. I also enjoy the caricature of pirates as slovenly ne'er-do-wells, but alas I couldn't fit a scene with them eating whole hams and fistfuls of meat with their grimy hands into the strip. This time. Check back on Friday for the conclusion to this thrilling saga.

The video for the Let's Draw panel is complete and posted on YouTube, for those of you who were unable to attend or weren't at PAX West 2017 this year, you can catch up on all of the antics here:

Be sure to give Pinny Pals After Dark a like/subscribe as well for being good sports and hosting the panel.

Blackbeard may not have been as vicious as other infamous pirates, but make no mistake that there had to be a certain baseline brutality for all high seas criminals in ye olde days of yore. I had originally wanted to delve into this character's story back in the summer , but a 3 panel format only affords you so much room. In the world of Dino Timecop Force Blackbeard isn't necessarily what you would consider to be a "good" guy, but this isn't the first law enforcement agency to utilize questionable assets on a consultation basis.

Tomorrow is talk like a pirate day, so be sure to call up your friends and family and give them a good "yarr!". Or if you're too dignified or classy to do that, at least treat yourself to this fine music video.

Did you know that talk like a pirate day is a thing that people celebrate? It is! As luck would have it, next week is 2017's talk like a pirate day on September 19th. In honor of this most ridiculous celebration, I will be releasing 3 comics that week on a M/W/F schedule. This will give me the ability to try out and showcase a quick story in a mini serial format. In the meantime, to whet your appetite I will leave you with my favorite pirate joke:

What did the pirate's hook and pegleg cost him? An arm and a leg!

Manners are always important, whether you're in the locker room or not. Hope everyone had a relaxing holiday weekend this Labor Day; the panel I was a part of on Friday at PAX West went better than I could have hoped. The panel Hosts kept the audience engaged and firing drawing prompts, and the artists all seemed to have a blast with an evening of just doodling for fun. The people I talked to over the weekend who had been able to catch the panel all said it was enjoyable, and I'm very happy that this type of improv art seems to be accepted.

If you weren't able to catch the panel on Friday or didn't attend PAX West this year, we will (hopefully) have a video of the panel up in the near future. Pray to the audio AND visual gods that everything was recorded correctly. If that's something that might interest you, feel free to follow @PP_AfterDark or @Dino_Timecop on Twitter or any other social media for updates on that release.