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I imagine that a dimensional whale would be as beautiful as it is deadly. Melville wrote that you can't take revenge out on nature, but after this adventure these lizards would probably take exception to that position. I hope you enjoyed this week's longer story arc narrative. It was fun to do, and I hope to continue to experiment with the format again. Next week returns to the Wednesday release schedule, follow me on social media to stay updated on new releases.

October is Inktober, the month long art challenge where you draw an ink picture a day. I am attempting to take part in it this year, and will be posting my daily ink drawing on Instagram. They may not all be related to the comic, but if you want to follow along then look for me on that platform.

When I think of the implications of pirates with access to time traveling technology, my initial thoughts are: rocket powered schooner. I also enjoy the caricature of pirates as slovenly ne'er-do-wells, but alas I couldn't fit a scene with them eating whole hams and fistfuls of meat with their grimy hands into the strip. This time. Check back on Friday for the conclusion to this thrilling saga.

The video for the Let's Draw panel is complete and posted on YouTube, for those of you who were unable to attend or weren't at PAX West 2017 this year, you can catch up on all of the antics here:

Be sure to give Pinny Pals After Dark a like/subscribe as well for being good sports and hosting the panel.


It's true, we each have our own preferred ways of...doing things. While the science doesn't really confirm the dilophosaurus' neck frills or venomous spit, I think we can all agree that it's more awesome to just go with the flow in this case. I mean, if we were to believe everything these lab coat wearing nerds said, all dinosaurs would have feathered exteriors. Personally, having grown up with the leathery green-skinned interpretations I'm willing to keep living the sweet lie that Crichton/Speilberg setup and helped perpetuate.

I am very excited to announce that I will be participating in a live digital art Let's Draw panel at Pax West 2017 hosted by Pinny Pals After Dark! The final schedule hasn't been published yet, but (pending schedule availability) I'll be joined by other talented digital artists such as Chelsea Austin (thefawnn), Amy Falcone (The C-Team, Clique Refresh), and Kris Straub (The C-Team, Chainsawsuit). I'm definitely a humble traveler in the company of giants here and could not be more thrilled. I'll post more details as the event gets closer and the schedule gets finalized, but in case you didn't have a reason to attend Pax West this year, well here you go!

Here's a link to the Penny Arcade Forums thread with the tentative schedule information

And here is some additional link information on the other artists included on the panel. Check them out and be thoroughly impressed!

thefawnn -

Amy Falcone -

Kris Straub -


It's easy to adorn your adversaries with more credit than perhaps they're due, especially when you have a crazy crime board pointing the way. Truth be told, the crime board was the most fun thing to draw this week, the rest of the comic was almost an afterthought. We'll definitely be seeing more of the board in the future.

You may be noticing some stylistic shifts to the human characters in the strip week over week. While styles will evolve naturally over time, I'm actually still working on finding one that's "just right" for the tone of DTF. I had a permutation where they looked a little more human like, but for some reason it just wasn't as funny. It was also a little sad when they got eaten, which happens quite a bit. Maybe some  day I'll post up some of the older concept art for the time criminals on Twitter or Instagram.

For those that didn't already know, Judge Dredd is heading to TV in 2018 which is an exciting prospect. It remains to be seen whether or not they can scoop up Karl Urban to reprise the role after his outing as the title character, but I remain cautiously optimistic. Sure his career is certainly busy at the moment, but I mean come on, he had time to star in that Fox buddy cop show Almost Human (which was cancelled before it's time, thanks Fox execs).

The Dredd property certainly has a rich run of material to draw from, and where the dimensionality of the character itself doesn't really expand, the world he inhabits and the cast around him are allowed to flourish. One of the major selling points of the old comic books was that there was no story too outlandish to tell, virtually anything could exist in that world. With millions of inhabitants in Mega City One, each with their own story, there's little to no danger of the well ever running dry.