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In all honesty I've never actually been to an event in which this particular projectile launcher has been utilized, but it seems like a thing that would either be terribly fun or terribly tragic. I mean, I'm pretty sure that the entire concept is incredibly dangerous which is probably one of the many reasons you don't see them that often.

I actually had a series of comics featuring the net gun, and I was contemplating waiting to release them in November and call it Net-vember (heh). Upon further reflection, there are really only so many ways that net guns can be funny, and I got cold feet at the prospect of delivering an entire month's worth of net themed humor. Plus, I didn't want to field any questions or statements about how Net-vember isn't a real thing.

If you were in the U.S. yesterday I hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July, whether you were enjoying a family picnic, taking in a vibrant pyrotechnics display, or simply watching the cinematic masterpiece starring Goldblum and Smith.

Today's comic actually began it's genesis with the title. I was pretty smug about the originality of that pun, but sadly a Google search showed that I wasn't exactly planting my flag in new territory. Still, my version has a decidedly separate feel to it, so I'm going to call this one a creative win and move along.

If you haven't clicked the above link, do yourself a favor and do so. It is filled with puns and designs for the naturalist and dinosaur lover (needless to say, the author of this comic is a fan). I myself am now the proud owner of a plesiosaur enamel pin snuggling a heart. I will caution you that the pin is smaller than you might think, though the dimensions are clearly indicated in the item description, there is really nothing in the pictures to help define scale. Still, it's pretty.

I wanted to save this comic for talk like a pirate day, but it's so far away that I just couldn't wait. Who knows, perhaps this isn't the last we've seen of old Blackbeard.

An exciting announcement! The Hart Wood And Leather Etsy Store will be stocking Dino Timecop Merchandise when it is available. To that end, I've created a new Shop page on the site to link directly to the Etsy storefront and showcase those most tantalizing of wares. The inaugural offering is something that I'm quite proud of, an all original metal die stamped pin! Head on over and grab yours today!

I managed to get back into my ipad, which was an overall win. As a result, you'll all have to suffer through some existing content before I head into new formatting frontier. Real cutting edge stuff, and I'm going to be honest with you some of it is straight up arthouse experimental. Rest assured that at its core, the comic will always be about haphazard policework and questionable accountability.

I also have a pretty neat announcement coming soon, but for now I can only tease it. Trust me when I say that June is going to be off the hook!

My parents visited last weekend, and one of the activities we all participated in together was a two and a half hour vacation slideshow from their trip to the Balkans. If that sounds like a less than ideal situation, let me assure you that based on my first hand experiences it wouldn't have hurt to have the ability to control time portals. I didn’t even know the ritual of the slide show was still a practiced tradition, I always assumed it was just a trope caricature of the 20th century. Something we can joke about and assume is no longer in vogue, like a LaserDisc player or fondue parties.

I console myself with the fact this ritual is most likely gasping fleeting breaths as the baby boomer generation carries it to its final resting place. Hopefully all it needs is another generation before it goes the way of the dinosaurs. Barring interdimensional time travel or children of the digital age mutating it to its next evolutionary form of course.