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When I think of the implications of pirates with access to time traveling technology, my initial thoughts are: rocket powered schooner. I also enjoy the caricature of pirates as slovenly ne'er-do-wells, but alas I couldn't fit a scene with them eating whole hams and fistfuls of meat with their grimy hands into the strip. This time. Check back on Friday for the conclusion to this thrilling saga.

The video for the Let's Draw panel is complete and posted on YouTube, for those of you who were unable to attend or weren't at PAX West 2017 this year, you can catch up on all of the antics here:

Be sure to give Pinny Pals After Dark a like/subscribe as well for being good sports and hosting the panel.

Let's close out this week of guest strips focusing on Frank with Chelsea's interpretation of Dino Timecop Force. It is decidedly different than my interpretation, but her wonderfully expressive and charming artwork never ceases to delight.

In one week, Chelsea and I will be on a live Let's Draw panel together at PAX West, along with talented guest artists Amy Falcone and Kris Straub. For one magic hour, we're going to take prompts from the hosts of Pinny Pals After Dark as well as audience members and draw digital art live. It's been a lot of work getting this panel together, but I'm honestly over the moon excited to be a part of something so special. There is joy in being a part of creating something, and we hope to celebrate that artistic passion with everyone that can make it to the panel.

If you're attending PAX West 2017 next week and are interested in catching this panel, the relevant info can be found here.For more updates on what's happening with the panel, be sure to follow me on Twitter @dino_timecop.